We love to be welcoming at Hay Hill and are always delighted to meet new people. We are aware that coming into a church community can be difficult at first and it is hard to move beyond a 'hello, how are you?' kind of relationship on Sundays. We have a number of Small Groups that meet at various times throughout the week and in various locations. If you are new to Hay Hill, or just want to deepen your relationships with other members of the church we recommend you join one of these groups. All of our group meetings include some spiritual content within their life. This can vary from engaging with creative ways of worshipping, to sharing and praying together, to looking at the Bible and how it might apply to our lives. 

The groups that we currently run can be seen below. If you have any questions regarding a group contact Lea or the group leader listed below. 

Worship Small Group - Fortnightly on Tuesday nights 7:30pm at Hay Hill Church Building

A group that aims to investigate what worship is, and how we do it day to day, individually and corporately. We will look at different ways that we can worship, creatively and musically. There will normally be a musical section to the session looking at new songs, or old songs in new ways. Open to all whether part of the Sunday music group or not. No need to play an instrument, just come along and sit in a corner singing, we'll not force a mic upon you.

Contact Rich or Aimi for more information.

Hay Hill Men’s Group   

We meet up every 3-4 weeks for either a breakfast or a social – also have regular Indoor Games Championships – a highly competitive evening for men who aren’t very good at outdoor sports! We also go to the Gathering every year (http://thegatheringformen.com/) – if you are interesting in joining us please contact men@hayhill.org.


The name and aim of this daytime small group comes from HEB 10v24 ‘Let us consider how we may spur one another towards love and good deeds’. Through lively and honest discussion, support and a variety of creative approaches, we aim to consider and apply our Christian faith to every day living. We meet on alternate Thursday afternoons in Batheasten from 1.15pm and start each session with homemade cake!


The Daytime small group meets every other Thursday at 10 am. It is an informal gathering of women that catch up, discuss, and share life over strong coffee and cake! It is a great chance to encourage and pray for each other. We seek to understand and live out the plans and purposes God has for us. Children and babies are very welcome. 

For more information contact Lea